A Few Photos!

Here are just a few photos chronicling the events of the past few weeks here!


Although fairly unassuming, this is one of the caves at Qumran where some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were found! At Qumran, the religion geek in me was freaking out because it was here that the earliest known manuscripts of parts of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament were discovered. There is far too much information about this to write here, but if the history interests you, you can read more here!

This is a photo of me conquering my fear of heights while helping our friend Salameh harvest his family’s olive trees. The olive trees are a large part of the culture here and it was such a wonderful experience working together with the YAGM and Salameh’s family to get the job done. To harvest the olives, a team of workers is needed both in the trees and on the ground. The folks in the trees strip the branches of their olives, which fall to the ground and are gathered by the other workers. It was hard work, but it felt so good to get a little dirty and to know that our 6 extra pairs of hands helped his family tremendously.

The following pictures are from the wedding of our host Antoinette’s nephew’s wedding last weekend. In preparation for the wedding, several pre-parties were held at Antoinette’s where Abby and I were introduced to extended family, ate a TON of delicious food, and danced until we thought we would fall over. I’ll tell you right now, Palestinians love to dance. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was such a blessing to be invited to be a part of the celebration.

There is no way for a picture to do any sort of justice to the amount of dancing that happened this evening. It was marvelous.

No need to be concerned, these kinds of fireworks are standard for celebrations here!

From right to left: Abby, Antoinette, and myself. This photo was snapped at the end of the evening, all three of us ready to fall into bed with tired feet and full hearts from a night of joy and celebration.

Lastly, this week I accompanied the older students from HKS and their teachers to the zoo in Tel Aviv for a field day. The kids enjoyed it tremendously and it was a nice change of pace from being in the classroom. And to top everything off, I saw baby elephants, which made me so happy!

Little baby!

Ms. Hanan and a portion of the special education class that I work with once a week in front of the tiger.

The tiger was staring right at me! So beautiful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these photos!

God’s Peace,


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